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Rewards by the Department:

Cash Rewards:-

Money rewards within the sanctioning powers of the Officers mentioned inOrder 343 may be granted to Police Officers of and below the rank of Inspectors of Police and Officers of corresponding ranks including those in K.S.R.P. for services of special merit but not for routine work such as taking action on admission or confession made after arrest, good turnout, etc., which shows no outstanding skill.

 Money Rewards by Others:

All Police Officers, other than Superior Police Officers, are eligible for money rewards in the following cases:

  1. rewards offered by the Government

  2. rewards offered by courts

    rewards offered by private persons or corporate bodies or other departments of Government, subject to the orders within the sanctioning powers of Commissioner or IGP/Deputy Inspector General, as the case may be, who should decide whether the rewards should go to the individuals concerned or to a Police Fund or partly to both rewards offered by the Customs,  Excise and other Government Departments.

Other Rewards 

“Meritorious Service Entries” will be “awarded” for conspicuous good workmeriting special recognition. Inspectors of Police and Officers of the corresponding rank including those in the K.S.R.P. are eligible for these awards, which will be made by the Director-General and Inspector General of  Police.  The Director General of Police is empowered to issue letters of appreciation and commendation to gazetted Police Officers in recognition of good work done by them.


Commendation Letters 

A Commendation Letter may be issued to a superior Police Officer to place on record any work of out standing merit.  Such a letter will be issued in the form of  a Demi-official letter and will be signed by the Home Secretary, Chief Secretary or the Director General of Police. A copy of this letter will be placed in the Confidential Personal File of the concerned Police Officer.


Rewards to Government Servants of Other Departments

Government servants of other departments may also be granted rewards as an incentive for assisting the police in the detection of any heinous or serious case or for the apprehension of offenders.  Rewards to Government servants of other departments should be paid through the Head of the Department concerned.

Rewards to Private Persons 

Rewards may be in cash or any other suitable article in the case of private individuals.  Medals should not be given as rewards.  Rewards to private persons for the apprehension of the offenders and for giving information leading to the detection of crime may be sanctioned.

Certificates to Private Individuals 

(a) Officers of and above the rank of Superintendents may grant to private individuals and others, letters of thanks or in exceptional circumstances certificates acknowledging the services rendered by these persons to the police in cases where monetary rewards are not appropriate. 


Rewards of special nature granted to private persons for extraordinary help rendered by them should be presented to them at a suitable public function.


Rewards granted by the Government or by the Director-General and Inspector General of Police will be published in the Police Gazette. Rewards granted by the Commissioner, Range Inspectors-General, and the Superintendents will be published in the crime and occurrence sheet.

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